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Adam Lambert Billboard interview (Led Zeppelin totally cleared Whole Lotta Love because of him)

Some really interesting tidbits in this interview with Adam. This is one of the more insightful replies I’ve heard from him, probably cos the questions weren’t dumb and the interviewer, Fred Bronson actually did his homework). The highlight for me was the Led Zeppelin tidbit. Led Zeppelin (or I’m guessing Jimmy Page in this case) cleared Whole Lotta Love just because it was Adam and knew he could do the song justice (Yes Gokey I still haven’t forgiven you for butchering Dream On)

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Rockin' good 60s music that make me feel good

Felt in the music mood today so am re-living some of my favourite live 60s songs (not that I was born in the 60s though).

Woodstock (Live version) by Joni Mitchell
One of my all time favourite songs.

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Awesome Zep news

Possible future release of Led Zeppelin Fillmore West video? And inclusive of one of the most superb versions of Killing Floor? I have the audio bootlegs for these concerts but video would be heaven’s send. Hopefully the stash also includes As Long as I Have You. That would make me one very contented person. ^_^

Legendary promoter’s stash to be released and it ain’t only rock’n’roll

The full article can be found here

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Favourite Stairway to Heaven's

It’s been a very miserable 2 days for me: down with a nasty cough which resulted in a horrible tension headache; was feverish too. Today’s Saturday but I’m stuck at home nursing my throat and my irritated nose isn’t making matters easier :-(

Anyway since I’m bored out of my mind I decide to rip and share the 2 Led Zeppelin concert Stairway’s that I blogged about in the Earls Court post. In spite of my being medicated I found a way to increase my site’s php upload limit to something more than 8Mb which means that I can now put stereo versions of my mp3s (the Earls Court is in mono because at 128kbps, that would have meant a file of at least 10Mb; I will reupload the file in the near future — subject to my malfunctioning memory)

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Earls Court 1975-05-24 video

Just found another 2 interesting Led Zeppelin video clips. These form a complete pro-recorded Earls Court 1975 Stairway to Heaven that didn’t make into the official DVD:

Part I

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Led Zeppelin train starts a rollin'

Now that I’m on the Led Zeppelin train, I dig out an old Zep bootleg: “Geisha 芸者/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” (1971年9月29日, 大阪フェスティバルホール, 日本). At the same time, I completed the semi-touched-up bootleg CD artwork. Boy, it does it brings back memories. I remember the days I used to spend improving/perfecting the artworks before printing them, and the many more hours listening/verifying/selecting CDs to trade. I don’t know if that fervour will ever return but it’s nice to reminiscence every now and then.

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Pagey on skiffle, COMPLETE!

Now I’d just posted yesterday about the skiffle scene in the Yardbirds entry yesterday and what do I find today? A complete version of the performance + interview. I never knew about the second song. Pagey looked so sweet (I never thought I’d say that!) then! *___*

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The Yardbirds rediscovered

I’ve been glued to YouTube for the past few days since I registered with it and this is one of the gems I discovered today. A slightly (aged?) Japanese documentary on the Yardbirds. I’m thankful my Japanese is decent enough to understand some of the Japanese commentary but even if I didn’t, the rare footage is a plus. I’ve actually seen some of it before, for instance, the young Jimmy Page playing skiffle on a TV show. Actually, methinks I should dig out my bootleg Led Zeppelin related video (I have a decent amount of these, having been the fanatic) and post it on YouTube when I have the time.

FYI, the person interviewed at the beginning is Georgio Gomelsky (ジョルジオ・ゴメルスキー) who was The Yardbirds’ manager/producer and the owner of the Crawdaddy club.

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Mighty Rearranger

To not know of a new CD released by an ex-Led-Zeppelin-bandmember until a review of it is published in the local newspapers is an extremely strange revelation. It only goes to prove how much attention I have been paying to the rock music world and to the band to whom I worshipped for several years of my life.

The CD in question is Robert Plant’s latest, Mighty Rearranger, which he has created in collaboration with his band Strange Sensation. The cover of the album is Dave-McKean-ish gorgeous and I had the pleasure of listening to a free (note: not illegal but officially free), albeit low quality, quicktime version of one of the songs on the album titled “Shine it All Around”. It is very reminiscent of Led Zeppelin but Robert owns this one. His voice may be older, rougher, but the music has evolved to complement these new vocal qualities.

I’m going to get a copy of the album this weekend. Judging by the ratings in Amazon, the album is probably not going to disappoint. This will be the first rock album I will have bought in ages and I’ve got high hopes about it.

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Jimmy Page Portrait

Trying a different kind of Photoshop art. Sketched this on paper, scanned it, and then traced the outline. Filled the colour, added the words and there ya go.

Jimmy Page Portrait

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