About Me

Real Name YC (You didn’t think I was going to reveal it did you?)
Internet Nickname Terra (after the FF6 Character…)
Gender Female
Country of Birth Singapore
Occupation Marketing for technology companies
Birthday Halloween, 31 October 1981

Commercial CD List

Here’s my entire collection of CDs that I’ve collected over the years. This excludes the 100+ Led Zeppelin concert recordings that I amassed in the year that I was obsessed over collecting concerts. For my Led Zeppelin list, check my LZ website.

p.s. no bootlegs here, with the exception of the Son May and EverAnime discs that I bought when during a time that I was clueless about bootleg anime soundtracks.
Warning: This page breaks in IE6 because IE6 likes no CSS tables.

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Notes About this Website (このウェブサイトについて)

  • There is no observable purpose to this website other than it being a tool to achieve some form of personal gratification.
  • It is written primarily towards an English audience that consists of mostly me, but in the forseeable future will contain more and more 日本語 as my command of the language (hopefully) improves (頑張れ!自分).
  • It is an obviously heavily (visually-)customised Drupal website.
  • I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time figuring how to use Drupal (to the point where I don’t want to know how much time I’ve spent) but I can say it has been well worth the trouble.
  • CSS stylesheets and customised drupal templates are 100% hand-coded.
  • If you would like to start a website using Drupal but need help, I could always do with the extra cash ^_^. Do drop a mail to webmaster.at.terrapolis.org (replace the .at.)

p.s. Just as my namesake did in a game 13 years ago (has it been that long??), this entry will continue to morph as the 気まぐれ (fickleminded) me changes her mind.

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