Corporate valuation assignment

Here’s a group report on the valuation of an Australian company. It had a page limit of 10 and we scored surprisingly well, 90%.

See attached file for full report.

Subjects: Finance 経済, School 学校

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Fixed income assignment

This is a group project assignment in my Masters course for fixed income in which we attained pretty good marks: 28/30. Putting it up here for reference. The topic is as follows:

On 1 January 2005, you are considering two investment opportunities. A six month risk-free bond with 4% p.a. coupon is priced at 98.45. It has a $1,000 par value and will mature on 30 June. Alternatively, you could invest in a one-day risk-free short-term note for which the return for the six-month period (1 January 2005 to 30 June 2005) is currently unknown. You are provided with the historical yields of the note. Using only the information provided, would you purchase the bond or the note? Write a report giving your recommendation.

Subjects: Finance 経済, School 学校

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"More Ethics, Less Aesthetics" of Bio-Art. Discuss with Examples.

The following essay was written for a module in my university called ‘New Media Art’ for the Jan-May semester in which I scored an A+ ^_^ A word of caution: While I’ve tried to be as accurate as I can while stating facts, I cannot guarantee that I’m 100% correct. If you’re doing a module similar to this: do not copy, do not cheat.

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Tags: bio-art, new media, Olaf Stapledon

Real vs Virtual Museums

Compare and contrast, with the help of the relevant sources, your experience as viewer in a real museum setting such as NUS’s, and a virtual setting exemplified by a museum’s website of your choice: What are the pros and cons of each setting? What are the differences in the way exhibits are presented? Which of the two settings (the physical or the virtual) is more successful in educating the viewer?
—Mid-term Essay question for an Art History module (I scored an A for this ^_^)

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Tags: history, museum, NUS, website

Preservation of power and authority amongst the upper orders of administration in Tokugawa Japan

This is an average grade (B+) mid-term essay that I did for a modern Japanese history module. I decided to put in here because the Tokugawa-Edo era of Japan has fascinated me for a while, and I just wanted to remind myself of the first month of my study of Japanese history.

Subjects: School 学校

Tags: Edo 江戸, history, Japan, shogunate, Tokugawa 徳川