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"Adam Lambert: Cool, Calm and Eclectic", LA Times, November 8, 2009

The singer’s genre-busting major label debut, ‘For Your Entertainment,’ drops Nov. 23, and it just might make him an American idol all over again.

By Ann Powers
Pop Music Critic

November 8, 2009


Kicking off another typical seven-day work week in the offices of his management company 19 Entertainment, Adam Lambert fixed his gaze on his own pretty face. Scattered across his publicist’s desk were proof sheets from a photo session with the singer, who will release his debut album on RCA Records, “For Your Entertainment,” Nov. 23. The shots captured Lambert in typical glam-god poses: peacock, street tough, space oddity, freaky adventurer in the boudoir of the damned.

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Adam Lambert Billboard interview (Led Zeppelin totally cleared Whole Lotta Love because of him)

Some really interesting tidbits in this interview with Adam. This is one of the more insightful replies I’ve heard from him, probably cos the questions weren’t dumb and the interviewer, Fred Bronson actually did his homework). The highlight for me was the Led Zeppelin tidbit. Led Zeppelin (or I’m guessing Jimmy Page in this case) cleared Whole Lotta Love just because it was Adam and knew he could do the song justice (Yes Gokey I still haven’t forgiven you for butchering Dream On)

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Sixth Sense Technology

This is so, so cool:

The original link can be found here.

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Japanese Idioms

I’ve been hearing this phrase, 蛇の道は蛇, several times so I decided to work my lazy ass and find out what it actually means. In the end, I got led to this pretty neat Japanese idiom website: ことわざの参考書. Will slowly work my way through the site. Japanese idioms are really cool. There were a couple of nice ones used in 彩雲国物語アニメ, which I’ve unfortunately cleanly forgotten. Time to work my brain!

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Some women are from Mars

Somehow during lunch today, the conversation touched on the topic on how I often think/react like a guy. Working everyday with users on the floor, female users sometimes think I’m cold or insensitive to their problems. I guess I lack in the empathy department, at least according to their standards.

When it comes problem solving and debugging, the most important thing to me is always the end result: which is to understand why things happened the way they did. Rarely does it occur to me think about the methods I use to analyse the issues. An innocent but blunt question could come across as interrogative, or even accusitive.

Apparently, most women aren’t really interested so much in getting the problem solved than being reassurred that things are going to work out fine. In other words, they like to have someone who would tell them, “I see, don’t worry too much about it, it’s not your fault.” Most men fail miserably at that, allegedly. Perhaps they’ve come to accept the fact that men don’t usually mince their words, but have yet to realise that some women just don’t think/act like the rest of them.

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Met 傑義 for dinner tonight. He passed me the autographed copy of Fragile Things (which I very shamelessly got him to carry back from San Francisco), but the coolest thing was learning from him about this software, Colibri, which allows one to open software on one’s PC, favourite URLs (FYI: it even opens a new tab on Firefox), etc, without having to use the mouse!

I have a love/hate relationship with the mouse: I need it especially for designing stuff but really hate using it to open software. The XP pinup menu makes it bit easier, but still, you have to either click on the Start button and keyup/down, or search through the gigantic list of items in the complete Start Programs menu AND remember to sort them alphabetically.

Mac users have probably been going nahh nahh ni nahh nahh for ages and ages. Argh, this makes me feel like saying good riddence to WinXP!!!

Colibri Banzai!

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Absolute Sandman


I want this so bad…

Any one wants to buy from me a complete set of Sandman 2nd edition (save two 1st-edition books) softcovers in relatively good condition for a discounted price? …I guess not… (It’s a good thing the USD is quite low right now.)

How about cost-sharing the shipping… Any one interested in preordering? :-)

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Code Switching

I’ve just spent the last half an hour watching three Kaneshiro Takeshi 金城武 interviews (lol), having read about him in the New Paper today (the shame!). The first was an interview in Cantonese, the second an CNN interview (video divided into 3 parts) conducted in English and finally one in Japanese. I’ve got to say this guy’s mastered the art of switching between languages. In the Cantonese interview, there are a couple of situations when he, unable to express in Cantonese, switches to Mandarin without missing a beat. I’m insanely jealous. If that happened to me, stutter would first come, followed by complete silence. It’s as if my brain were a receiver that’s been jammed by radio interference. Of course it’s not like I don’t understand at all when I’m spoken to in a language that out of my comfort zone (meaning: anything other than English). It’s just that comprehension ability does not necessarily mean the ability to express. Singaporeans in general seem to be really good at code-switching; I’m inapt, there’s no doubt about it.

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Tales from Earthsea 「ゲド戦記」 Anime Preview

Is it an understatement to say I’m looking forward to this film?

FYI, the American TV movie was such a disaster I couldn’t get past 20mins of it.

I’m of the opinion that most fantasy novel adaptations, especially narrative kinds, should be left to the hands of the Japanese to be animated :-) That is not to say I didn’t love Lord of the Rings — that was an anormaly (plus Gandalf wouldn’t be Gandalf if he wasn’t speaking in English).

The trailers:

And for those who can’t read Japanese:

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