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Adam Lambert: The Out Interview

The Out 100 Breakout of the Year on life inside the Idol machine, out in the real world, and in the love game.

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

In early October, Out sat down with Adam Lambert for an hour-long talk about his upcoming album, life inside the American Idol machine, and how carving out a career in the music industry is still easier for him than being in love. (Lambert and then-boyfriend Drake LaBry broke up following that interview, after Out went to press.)

Part One

In the first half of our extended interview transcript, Lambert gives us a play-by-play from the center of Fox’s PR storm, talks about his taste in men (hint: “pretty” is pretty important), and gets graphic about just how far curiosity can carry you.

Out: Let’s start off by talking about Lady Gaga.

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"Adam Lambert: Cool, Calm and Eclectic", LA Times, November 8, 2009

The singer’s genre-busting major label debut, ‘For Your Entertainment,’ drops Nov. 23, and it just might make him an American idol all over again.

By Ann Powers
Pop Music Critic

November 8, 2009


Kicking off another typical seven-day work week in the offices of his management company 19 Entertainment, Adam Lambert fixed his gaze on his own pretty face. Scattered across his publicist’s desk were proof sheets from a photo session with the singer, who will release his debut album on RCA Records, “For Your Entertainment,” Nov. 23. The shots captured Lambert in typical glam-god poses: peacock, street tough, space oddity, freaky adventurer in the boudoir of the damned.

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"For the Love of Adam Lambert", Details, November 2009

Why Does Every Woman in America Want to Sleep with the American Idol?

By Nancy Jo Sales


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Where has my life gone? Shall I turn this to the Adam Lambert Terrapolis site? The most epic WLL and only day 2.

The EPIC Whole Lotta Love video synched with audio that won’t burst your eardrums

While waiting for Torchwood Epi 2 to be downloaded and obviously having no life, I remixed the great Tacoma WLL video footage (with OTT screaming fangirls and crap audio) with the one with the crappy visuals but decent audio (still features screaming fangirls but at least you won’t go deaf listening to it)

I’m still dying from the epicness of this video. OMFG

ETA: And now we have Life on Mars

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Thoughts on the 20/20 interview with Adam Lambert

Can I say I’m slightly disappointed with the 20/20 interview that was broadcast? It felt… truncated, and like a repeat of what we already knew from the RS interview, other than the fact that we can actually see his bubbly personality on TV which we don’t get from print? And poor Neil got shafted! The online stuff was honestly so much better! To think I sat through half an hour listening to a report on the Amanda Knox case.

I really like Chris Connelly though. Unlike female interviewers who typically go gaga (like me), he’s mostly calm and collected in the interview and asked some nice questions (which unfortunately didn’t make it to the final TV cut). But I loved the part where he bursting out laughing on the snake issue (just like how Slezak couldn’t contain himself in the Idolatry interview about the Bob McKenzie showroom drag queen comment, or where Matt Mitovich chuckled to himself with the pink elephant comment). The dude has charisma.

On the bright side, some new findings gleamed from the broadcast interview:
1) He’s singing Fame by David Bowie(!!!)
2) The tour wardrobe looks awesome.
3) The new haircut really works.
4) How the f—k does he lose weight so quickly?? I need tips.
5) He rocks out and blows other regular performers away even at rehearsals.
6) He was totally flirting with the guy in the Skingraft store.

Anyway as usual, the hardworking people at Youtube already have the broadcast interview up:

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Sleep disruption in extremis

WTF is wrong with my sleeping patterns?

Sleep at 3AM, wake up at 7;
sleep at 12 wake up at 4.

And when I try to sleep all over again, it becomes a staring exercise between me and my darkened ceilings.

Since when did my body start to tell myself four hours is all you need for sleep? My BFF, the abiity to sleep like a log, seems to have left me high and dry ever since I returned to the sunny isle of Singapore (actually make that Hell-level hot).

This is seriously depressing.

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Rolling Stone media coverage, a.k.a !)*@$)(!@*% I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW... Rolling Stone Cover is OMG !)*%)(!*@%

I had a psychedelic experience where I looked up at the clouds and went, ‘Oh!’… I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I wanted to do, I had to make it happen.” — Adam Lambert

Holy Fucking Adam Lambert Rolling Stone CoverPhotograph by Matthew Rolston

Magazine photos and outtakes

Someone tell me why these photos never made it to the actual magazine???? They’re gorgeous! Seriously, this is really old school glam rock stuff. I think the photographer, Matthew Rolston, must have had so much fun with it. (Read what he has to say about the photo shoot) What’s next? Vanity Fair fantasy styled photoshoots?

Rolling updates

ETA 7: Here’s ABC News’ shrine. Check out the videoc clip on the making of the RS photoshoot. Guess who’s behind the snake concept? (Great answer btw!). JMHO, as much as I like the RS interview, I think his personality really shines in face-to-face video/audio ones. I also think he’s a PR dream, handling the toughest questions with aplomb, unlike Gokey who seems to stumble everywhere he goes (“Money, money, money!”).

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The price of fame: poor Adam...

What a pack of hyenas these guys are. How the hell did he stay cool and polite when the paparazzi had him surrounded and trapped in a freaking stairwell? I think L.A. needs to have anti-stalking laws applied to paparazzi!! :( This is frankly disturbing.

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Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are like Led Zeppelin meets Vanilla Fudge

Feeling a little down. Not completely into the acceptance stage yet.

The second half of American Idol Results Show Finale was totally awesome, with the awesome Adam singing with KISS and Queen in two very brilliant performances. Yet the ending of the results how seemed so anticlimatic because the clear star of the show didn’t win and we had to suffer that gawd damn awful ‘coronation’ song for the third time.

I love Kris, and I’d be happy if he’d won in any other season… but THIS… is like Led Zeppelin being the opening act for Vanilla Fudge in 1968 and blowing the latter out of the water. :( On the positive note, Led Zeppelin went on to be so much bigger and I believe Adam will too.

That voice is just so versatile and magical! Congrats Adam for turning this fan who never before followed American Idol into a complusive addict for your singing! Goodbye American Idol, probably won’t be seeing you next year (unless Glambert makes an appearance, of course).

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The power and the glory; the pride before the Fall

So tonight was my favourite Idol episode of the season so far, mostly because of the sense of vindication over last week’s fiasco.

People who know I’ve been following this season (purely because of Adam) probably also know my immense distaste for Gokey as a television figure. I don’t know the guy and he may very well be a nice guy out of this show but man, he comes off as incredibly cocky to me on screen.

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