Adam Lambert Billboard interview (Led Zeppelin totally cleared Whole Lotta Love because of him)

Some really interesting tidbits in this interview with Adam. This is one of the more insightful replies I’ve heard from him, probably cos the questions weren’t dumb and the interviewer, Fred Bronson actually did his homework). The highlight for me was the Led Zeppelin tidbit. Led Zeppelin (or I’m guessing Jimmy Page in this case) cleared Whole Lotta Love just because it was Adam and knew he could do the song justice (Yes Gokey I still haven’t forgiven you for butchering Dream On)

Part 1

Note: It seems that the site that’s hosting the original video source is fked up, doesn’t work for many people so I’ve uploaded it to Youtube for Part 1. Part 2 can’t be uploaded because of copyright reasons (specifically the Cher Believeaudio). I can’t be bothered to edit the video to replace the audio.

Part 2

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