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Adam Lambert: The Out Interview

The Out 100 Breakout of the Year on life inside the Idol machine, out in the real world, and in the love game.

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

In early October, Out sat down with Adam Lambert for an hour-long talk about his upcoming album, life inside the American Idol machine, and how carving out a career in the music industry is still easier for him than being in love. (Lambert and then-boyfriend Drake LaBry broke up following that interview, after Out went to press.)

Part One

In the first half of our extended interview transcript, Lambert gives us a play-by-play from the center of Fox’s PR storm, talks about his taste in men (hint: “pretty” is pretty important), and gets graphic about just how far curiosity can carry you.

Out: Let’s start off by talking about Lady Gaga.

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