Where has my life gone? Shall I turn this to the Adam Lambert Terrapolis site? The most epic WLL and only day 2.

The EPIC Whole Lotta Love video synched with audio that won’t burst your eardrums

While waiting for Torchwood Epi 2 to be downloaded and obviously having no life, I remixed the great Tacoma WLL video footage (with OTT screaming fangirls and crap audio) with the one with the crappy visuals but decent audio (still features screaming fangirls but at least you won’t go deaf listening to it)

I’m still dying from the epicness of this video. OMFG

ETA: And now we have Life on Mars

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Actions to take

After yesterday’s depressing post (was feeling morose I guess) I’ve decided that I shall take definitive actions to make my life feel better.

1. Restart on my exercise regime. I used to do yoga/pilates really actively but I’ve stopped for a while. I guess exercise really helps to release endomorphins. I spent 1 hour today doing Ashtanga yoga, and I feel a lot better now.

2. Get out more and hang out with friends.

3. Start spending money on things that make me happy. I reckon spending money will help the economy as well as make me feel better about myself.

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Moving to Sydney

As some of you already know, I will be taking up a Master in Commerce course in Sydney that would last 18 months. The course will commence mid-July. Exciting and a bit scary at the same time. I’m quite attached to my family and have never been away from them for more than a month before. I guess it’s time I became more independent. In the last month I’ve been (re)learning how to cook (pasta, sweet sour pork, chicken with sesame sauce etc.)— a basic need for survival!

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Freelance webdesign anyone?

Thinking of doing some freelance web design for extra cash. Not that I really need the money but it would be nice ^__^. Dear reader, what do you think about my proposition? First I will need to come up with a basic business plan… For starters, do you think 500 SGD is reasonable for a simple website?

The pricing of template-based design for CMS’s on the other hand would really depend on the complexity of the CMS though. I’m pretty comfortable with setting up and designing templates for Movable Type (easy), Drupal (challenging to design for but design is cleanly separated from code). Wordpress would probably be easy (I’ve designed using it before, just …out-of-touch). I heard Joomla is getting popular now, that I will have to experiment…

I pride myself particularly in writing xhtml and css compliant code. I’m particular about making websites work properly across browsers as I personally hate the experience of having to switch browsers in order to view a page correctly. I think I have good colour sense… My main weakness is probably the inability to draw. This has been solved with the advent of digital design tools! (For example, the tree at the bottom right of this page was originally a photo but it looks like a drawing doesn’t it?)

FYI, I worked on a mini freelance project slightly over 2 years ago: Showbiz Productions. The website’s been changed a bit by the owners since I left it (note: the white text on the banner logo). Of course, my web design skills have evolved a bit since. :)

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I passed my driving practical!

HURRAH! I’m finally free from those blood suckers.

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Move to Drupal: 80% complete!

An update! after, what, 8 months of procrastination? It’s been so long since I last posted a blog entry that I’ve nearly forgotten how to write. This site has finally been Drupalised — after playing 睨めっこ with my trusty (but bulky) DELL trinitron over the past week, after work and over the weekend. The catalyst for this decision was the wonderful relevation that Drupal 4.7 beta now supports unicode MySQL properly. This means that my Japanese and Chinese words no longer look rubbish in phpmyadmin. How nice is that? Over the next few weeks, you will see more embellishments to this web space, and more importantly, updates (I hope!) to this blog. I can’t wait for Drupal 4.7 to be final which would mean more cool modules. I’m such a sucker for the taxonomies in Drupal. I’ve always been obsessed about cataloging things — as seen from my old Mythology webbie and my Led Zep bootleg collection — which makes Drupal my blogger’s ambrosia. :-P

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23 years old

Getting older day by day.

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酒を飲み過ぎてはいけない。酒に酔って普通にしたくない事をしてしまう。後悔でももう何もできない… ”泣”

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Perfection is sometimes a pain...

So my dad says to me in an email sent from the airport before he leaves for London (in a plane which he believed was a direct flight but turns out it is not but he gets upgraded to first class anyhow isn’t that so cool while I’m stuck here at 3:10 AM typing this when I should be sleeping since I have to work tomorrow but somehow I don’t think that this rant has anything to do with the title of the email because) and I believe this is so true considering the turn of events regarding a particular dvd set that I purchased today. Thus I formally adopt this as my new signature in my email from today until whenever I tire of it.

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