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Introversion, feelings of regression in Singapore

There’s something about being back in Singapore that’s brought out the worst case of shyness and introversion in me.

I’m naturally introverted and there’s nothing wrong with that. But lately, the hesitation to speak up about how I really feel about things is debilitating and it really sucks.

The funny part of it all is that I felt I was a completely different person in my months overseas. I think being in Australia and Japan nurtured extraversion in me. And as a friend pointed out, it’s perhaps because no one knew me in Oz that I could let out the inhibitions within myself.

Coming back to Singapore it’s like I’m feeling the effects of culture shock, which is strange because I grew up here thus I ought to know better. However, I googled, and apparently there’s such a thing called reverse culture shock where the subject who’s been overseas for a period of time finds it hard to re-adapt to her country of origins.

Subjects: Life 生涯

Mood: Philosophical Musings

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If this wasn’t so fricking hilarious I would be ranting how extremely dangerous this prank was.

Just the other day me and my colleagues were just talking about the authenticity of Japanese pranks such as the infamous sauna and the toilet pranks. I mean, how do the producers get around without getting sued? But the plethora of ridiculousness has forced me to rethink otherwise. Maybe it is possible after all?

Anyways, methinks me shall end this blog entry before me ends up looking like a complete naive fool. Opinions are sometimes best left unmentioned.

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Yo-ho, Kimura Takuya does a mean impression of Captain Jack Sparrow. Check it out ^__^

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Japanese WOTD: 鍵っ子

Every week I learn something new from my Japanese class. Now I have the bad habit of never copying notes (rationale: I never look at them afterwards anyway) in class and tend to rely on my *ahem* awesome short-term memory to remember new things. Unfortunately, my long-term memory is sorely lacking…

The best part about blogs such as this is that they’re indexable and searchable! So why not regular posts on new Japanese learnings? (Briliant, Terra, brilliant) ^_^

Today’s 日本語語彙 is: 鍵っ子(かぎっこ)
It looks like it’s a direct translation from the English term latch-key child; in Chinese it’s 挂钥匙儿童 (suǒ yào shi ér tóng).

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I chanced upon this site through a most unflattering manner: tomorrow.sg > sgforums. Me and 傑儀 had a good laugh over some of the comments on Singapore: some are totally off (e.g. death penalty for pornography… I’m just assuming he was kidding), but some ring all too true (“Surrounded by artificially ‘ordered’ parks, its tall housing projects are populated by more than 80% of the population - whose smiling native charms often belie underlying tensions of the way the island is progressing after 30 years of development.”).

However, what really drew me to the site is the multitude of photos of Tokyo 東京. I love Tokyo; it’s the most facinating city I’ve been to and my biggest regret is not having taken enough pictures in my recent visit there. The site photo-chronicles most of the places I visited (and didn’t). There are some really nice photos in there. One should check it out if one has the chance (both the site as well as the actual city).

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Preservation of power and authority amongst the upper orders of administration in Tokugawa Japan

This is an average grade (B+) mid-term essay that I did for a modern Japanese history module. I decided to put in here because the Tokugawa-Edo era of Japan has fascinated me for a while, and I just wanted to remind myself of the first month of my study of Japanese history.

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