"Better Than I Know Myself" lyrics

Better Than I Know Myself

Written by: Claude Kelly
Produced by: Dr Luke & Cirkut
Performed by: Adam Lambert

Cold as ice,
And more bitter than a December
Winter night:
That’s how I treated you.

And I know that I –
I sometimes tend to lose my temper,
And I cross the line.
Yeah, that’s the truth.

I know it gets hard sometimes,
But I could never
Leave your side
No matter what I say.

‘Cause if I wanted to go I would have gone by now,
But I really need you near me to
Keep my mind off the edge.

If I wanted to leave I would have left by now,
But you’re the only one that knows me
Better than I know myself.

All along,
I tried to pretend it didn’t matter
If I was alone –
But deep down I know.

If you were gone
For even a day I wouldn’t know which
Way to turn –
‘Cause I’m lost without you.



I get kinda dark,
Let it go too far;
I can be obnoxious at times,
But try and see my heart.

Cause I need you now,
So don’t let me down;
You’re the only thing in this world
I would die without.



Note: This version of the lyrics was transcribed/formatted by Terra but credits to go to the people who transcribed the first versions on the web where this was based from.

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