Rolling Stone bounty

And so, Rolling Stone fever hit Singapore today.

I was conned by the Kinokuniya staff last week into near complacency when they told me to call and check again on Wednesday because they expected the magazine to hit stores around the 18th.

But it was a pure stroke of luck phone stalker syndrome that I decided to call today just in case. And lo and behold, the magazines were in (Kinokuniya has this annoying thing about not being able to reserve copies in advance until stock is available… well at least it’s better than Borders which never seems to pick up the phone)! So I happily reserved a copydespite knowing that I’ve already one coming in from the states via a friend’s friend.

So I went down to the store after work and gleefully went straight to the magazine booths despite having a reserved copy because I have a semi-obsessive tendency about getting the best looking condition copy available (this applies to all books I buy, just so you know).

*Magazine not found*

I thought it was me having my usual case of tunnel vision, when I overheard this woman at the magazine counter asking the counter dude about the magazine, only to be told that there were no more copies avaliable. He was holding a copy to show her that whatever items were left in the store were already reserved.


Guys, this is day one of its release in Singapore. And Rolling Stone does not usually sell out in Singapore on day one. Unless the cover boy is Adam, that is.

I should have recognised the signs. When I spoke to the nice lady over the phone to reserve a copy, my question was “is the latest issue of Rolling Stone out yet?” To which she replied, “Yes, the Adam Lambert issue, right? It’s out.”)

So I went straight to the reservation counter, and I saw a sizeable stack of RS copies with reservation stickers in one of those shelves.

I’ll be honest, my pessimistic doom-and-gloom-as-usual persona was half expecting them to screw up and tell me that oops, we can’t find your name in our reservation pile. But thank god that didn’t happen!

I happily paid up for my copy and left, feeling somewhat triumphant and mildly embarrassed for having exposed my fan girlyness. It didn’t help that I was wearing my otaku-ish Geekissexy tee today. LOL. My main consolation though, other than the magazine bounty, is that the disappointed fan who wasn’t able to get hers, was older than me, probably in her early thirties. We’ve all regressed at least ten years, except that the magazine in question isn’t Tiger Beat but Rolling Stone! :D

Speaking of magazines though, I used to buy Rolling Stone years ago and still have some old issues with me. The magazine used to be larger, thicker with a centerfold, and was purely matt. Now it looks like one of those regular entertainment magazines. I kinda miss the old format, although glossy cover boy certainly looks more gorgeous!

This mini adventure really made my day. I was feeling kinda down this week actually so it was a good happy pill. Looking forward to my second copy of the magazine that should be here this week straight from the States.

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Hhehehehheheheheehhehe, did you squeal when you opened it?

No I did not :D No, really!

terra's picture

No I did not :D
No, really!

hehe this tot keeps coming to

hehe this tot keeps coming to my mind “GONNA SEE MY FAVE GUY TMR!”
i’d just have to control myself (>_<) and not succumb to temptation of going down orchard to search for a copy which most likely would be sold out =X