"Better Than I Know Myself" lyrics

Better Than I Know Myself

Written by: Claude Kelly
Produced by: Dr Luke & Cirkut
Performed by: Adam Lambert

Cold as ice,
And more bitter than a December
Winter night:
That’s how I treated you.

And I know that I –
I sometimes tend to lose my temper,
And I cross the line.
Yeah, that’s the truth.

I know it gets hard sometimes,
But I could never
Leave your side
No matter what I say.

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Found: Xenosaga Lyrics

This is precisely what I’ve been looking for since since the Official Soundtrack to Xenosaga was released: The lyrics to the Latin songs in Xenosaga which are Ormus, The Resurrection and The Miracle. I found them off the Xenosaga page in, but the can also be found at this website (along with a host of other lyrics) in this website called The Opera House. There’s an English translation for the non-English lyrics in both sites. Anyway, I couldn’t resist from putting up the latin lyrics to The Miracle (my favourite of the three) in this blog. I’m trying to learning the parts but it would be nice if there was a real choir to sing it along with.

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