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Mood: Philosophical Musings

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Astrology revisited

So every once in a blue moon I look at horoscopes.

I discover this rather nifty tool by Astrodienst called the AstroClick portrait. It helps you determine a number of things besides your moon sign (which I’ve already covered in a post in this blog I made 5 years ago). such as your ascendent, etc. Wow I think the in-depth descriptions of me are really quite accurate. I don’t believe in horoscopes on a day to day basis but as an overall representation of a person’s character some of it really does make sense.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Sagittarius

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What a shocking way to start the day -- RIP MJ and FF

Two icons dead in a day (three if you consider the week). This is a sad year.

RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon.

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Twitter as a form of mass protest

And no I’m not talking about the Iran election.

I’m on vacation today. Woke up early and visited my newest internet guilty pleasure ONTD_Ai because it’s just too fking enjoyable to pass. (Not to mention I’ve been in a bit of a depression the last couple of days and needed an avenue to vent.)

I found myself embroiled in the start of a whole controversy pertaning to homophobia related to a certain “scream on” reality person’s family over a private dinner comprising the cast of our favourite TV show.

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Rolling Stone bounty

And so, Rolling Stone fever hit Singapore today.

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