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Subjects: Learning the Japanese Language 日本語勉強

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Watashi wa omoide ni wa naranai sa”…ends 3 of the trailers in Final Fantasy Advent Children, Squaresoft’s attempt at mythologising the iconic villain Sephiroth. カッコいい‼

Other favourite one-liners:
“I am Alpha and Ome’ga, the beginning and the end” — Revelation 21:6
“I am Legend” — Richard Matheson
“I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” — Robert Oppenheimer (though technically the line did not originate from him)

And as recommended by 傑義, I just watched the FF7 opening remake that was created specially for the PS3 technology demo. Pretty cool, seeing how much technology has evolved over the past 8 years. Before I saw the demo, I actually saw the screenshots, thinking that they were screenshots of the movie, except they seemed a little pixellated. I thought, maybe they were production screenshots or something… Wow.

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Perfection is sometimes a pain...

So my dad says to me in an email sent from the airport before he leaves for London (in a plane which he believed was a direct flight but turns out it is not but he gets upgraded to first class anyhow isn’t that so cool while I’m stuck here at 3:10 AM typing this when I should be sleeping since I have to work tomorrow but somehow I don’t think that this rant has anything to do with the title of the email because) and I believe this is so true considering the turn of events regarding a particular dvd set that I purchased today. Thus I formally adopt this as my new signature in my email from today until whenever I tire of it.

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It's a Fool's World

When you watch a John Woo film…
you see how shallow the world is
and it makes you relax, right?
Coolness is in full force, even with
a strand of nose hair poking out.
It’s that kind of manly aestheticism.
Only idiots do the cool,
dangerous stuff.
That’s why they’re cool.”

—Preview for Furi Kuri Episode 5 “Bura Bure”
Furi Kuri Episode 4 “Furi Kiri”

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言葉 for thought: 二つの道の存在

A Japanese saying which I rather like.


Subjects: Learning the Japanese Language 日本語勉強

Mood: Learnings & Quotations