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American Idol pre-tour interviews and videos

Rehearsing for Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing:

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Rolling Stone bounty

And so, Rolling Stone fever hit Singapore today.

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I need a haircut!


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If this wasn’t so fricking hilarious I would be ranting how extremely dangerous this prank was.

Just the other day me and my colleagues were just talking about the authenticity of Japanese pranks such as the infamous sauna and the toilet pranks. I mean, how do the producers get around without getting sued? But the plethora of ridiculousness has forced me to rethink otherwise. Maybe it is possible after all?

Anyways, methinks me shall end this blog entry before me ends up looking like a complete naive fool. Opinions are sometimes best left unmentioned.

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Yo-ho, Kimura Takuya does a mean impression of Captain Jack Sparrow. Check it out ^__^

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