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Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are like Led Zeppelin meets Vanilla Fudge

Feeling a little down. Not completely into the acceptance stage yet.

The second half of American Idol Results Show Finale was totally awesome, with the awesome Adam singing with KISS and Queen in two very brilliant performances. Yet the ending of the results how seemed so anticlimatic because the clear star of the show didn’t win and we had to suffer that gawd damn awful ‘coronation’ song for the third time.

I love Kris, and I’d be happy if he’d won in any other season… but THIS… is like Led Zeppelin being the opening act for Vanilla Fudge in 1968 and blowing the latter out of the water. :( On the positive note, Led Zeppelin went on to be so much bigger and I believe Adam will too.

That voice is just so versatile and magical! Congrats Adam for turning this fan who never before followed American Idol into a complusive addict for your singing! Goodbye American Idol, probably won’t be seeing you next year (unless Glambert makes an appearance, of course).

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The power and the glory; the pride before the Fall

So tonight was my favourite Idol episode of the season so far, mostly because of the sense of vindication over last week’s fiasco.

People who know I’ve been following this season (purely because of Adam) probably also know my immense distaste for Gokey as a television figure. I don’t know the guy and he may very well be a nice guy out of this show but man, he comes off as incredibly cocky to me on screen.

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My level of obsession has hit unearthly levels

When I found out Adam Lambert had hit the bottom two this week I felt sick in my stomach. I hadn’t even watched the episode because I got my news through the grapevine.

I’ve never been an American Idol fan; never will be. This is the first season that I’ve been following dutifully and the only reason that got me into it was when I first heard his ethereal version of “Mad World” by accident when I happened to turn on the telly that day and thought to myself, oh my god this guy, he’s pushing the limits of what’s supposed to be a popularity singing show for the masses.

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