Ashtanga Christmas

Woohooo… I got an Ashtanga yoga mat and mat carrier for Christmas from my mom. Just the very present I wanted!!!

Actually, I chose it myself *sheepish look*… my mom accompanied me to my yoga center where she paid for it with her credit card…hehe… but let’s forget that…

This morning (after I wake up later) I’m going start a habit of doing yoga/pilates at home (yoga classes are getting too expensive). Normally, I only do handstands against the wall because headstands are a bit dangerous if you don’t have the right support (ie cushioning). But with this mat, it makes my life a lot easier.

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Anticipating the FOTR

I’m going to watch The Fellowship of the Ring tonight. =) Bought the tickets from the cinema when it opened its doors today. The blasted cinema… its first show was supposed to be showing at 10:10 AM in the morning, so I expected the booths to be open at around 9:40 so I was there waiting around that time. It made sense didn’t it? But noooo… it turns out the cinema’s run by a bunch of slackers and it only opened at 10AM sharp. *grumble* I guess I wasn’t the only one pissed because there was a bunch of people wanting to watch the early show with not-very-happy faces. I must admit one good thing about Singapore is that you can easily buy tickets to opening-day screenings/sneak previews on the day itself without having to queue up for a long time as long you go to book the tickets early. Alternatively, you can also book via Internet/Phone if you have a debit/credit card. Call me old-fashioned but I prefer the traditional means of booking.

Anyways, It’s the 8:15 show, that means the show will probably end at around 11:25.

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