I'm happy about the AI results now. :)

I’ve finally gotten over the loss in American Idol and after watching some media interviews with the top 2, I’m glad to say that this was the best possible outcome we could have gotten: Adam doesn’t need to win American Idol to be a superstar while I’m happy that Kris is getting the media coverage he needs to boost his career. Both guys come across as really sweet people in their interviews and I love the fact how they’re a model of how true friendship transcends differences. (See video below for ultimate cuteness). I twittered recently that music preferences don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and both are deserving winners in my book.

Sorry, can’t resist saying this: Danny Gokey still comes across as a douchebag: :D

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jerk! haha and was it scott-y

jerk! haha
and was it scott-y the body? :S

gosh… adam and kris r soooo

gosh… adam and kris r soooo cute and nice to each other! ahhh i feel myself tearing up =X