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Converting YouTube flv to mp4

Note: The following was originally posted on twitter because I play around with video files a lot and I thought I’d answer some questions that people sometimes ask me.

Some of you might wonder about what I do when I say I losslessly remux FLV files from YouTube to mp4. Here’s an overview:

If you’re slightly familiar with YouTube formats, you’ll realise that YouTube uploads files in a combination of FLV and MP4. All HD formats (720p and above) are mp4s; all non-HD formats are in FLV/3GP (with the exception of 360p which comes in both mp4 and flv).

FLV and mp4s are essentially container formats (i.e. they contain video/audio streams that are encoded using certain codes).

For YouTube, all videos, no matter whether they are FLV or mp4, contain H264 MPEG-4 AVC video streams; audio are AAC streams.

So technically, all YouTube videos can be converted from FLV format to mp4 format without loss in quality.

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More XEDO ammunition

My friend Ketsugi has just blogged a new post that should add fuel to the “have you been ‘DEXed” saga. Check it out here. Anti-you-know-what will love this.

P.S. I really did like Love Hina a lot, still remember the evening Ketsugi and our group of friends had the Love Hina marathon (FWIW, it’s ODEX discs) at my place, didn’t sleep till we concussed from exhaustion. :)
Oh yeah, Ketsugi, you owe me marketing fees!

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Pseudo blogger

I guess it’s not hard to figure out that my ‘blogger’ status is more of a semi-hobby than a passion :p The truth is ever since I graduated from university in Singapore the desire to pen my feelings doesn’t come as naturally anymore. Even though I set up this pretty nice-looking (I hope!) blog, frankly I’m more interested in the design and implementation (Drupal) of it rather than the actual content. I could spend hours tweaking this functionality and adding this plugin and that but frankly the actual usage doesn’t justify the effort taken to implement. ^^

Nevertheless, I think the start of my Masters course in Sydney should warrant at least a couple of posts so here I am, more than a month since I reached here. To be fair to myself, I didn’t actually get internet connection till the end of last month (thanks Telstra, geez)..

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