End of the fillers

Naruto’s finally returned from filler hell!! I just watched the one hour special opening (comprising of two episodes because each episode is normally half an hour) of the new series, 疾風伝, which starts off rather nicely with a premonition of what’s to come. I wish the episode weren’t interrupted with so many omakes, but I guess the producers had to extend the episodes to fill up the TV timeslot. 仕方がないな。

Speaking of which, Bleach has also returned to the manga plotline some weeks ago. Now I’ve only watched a couple of them Bleach fillers which aren’t so bad, and I guess I have to watch them eventually to catch up with the new arc because the writers seem to have integrated some elements of the fillers into it. Now I’m wondering if I should bother catching up with the mangas at all.

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Abandoning webhost

If you’re seeing this post, it means that DNS nameserver changes have propagated and you’re looking at my site on a new webhost.

It was about time. I liked my old hosting provider but last year they decided to switch convert their plans from a US pricing to Australian pricing, using a really unreasonable conversion rate. They claimed the conversion rate was based on the rate at the time the decision was made to convert the pricings but this meant that my hosting costs were to go up by approximately SGD5 a month, which makes 60 bucks extra a year. Additionally, their services were getting uncompetitive in comparison to similar plans in reputable hosting companies that were a lot cheaper. My biggest problem with switching though was that many lower priced plans in US companies offer only MySQL4 and PHP4, while I’ve been on MySQL5 and PHP5 for a while. Also, I badly needed SSH access, which not all budget hosting companies provide. In addition, I wanted to be hosted on a reliable company with relatively good support.

After hunting around for a bit I finally decided on Hostgator. For about 8-9 bucks cheaper a month I get similar scripting functionality and much much more space. Although I don’t think I will ever use more than 5-10% of the space allocated to me the cost savings are great. Additionally, I managed to get a coupon code which after deductions meant that I had to pay only USD0.01 for the first month: no harm to try out to see how the service is like and if I liked it I only needed to modify the DNS nameservers to point to the location. I’m still testing this host for the current month and will definitely stay on if the current quality of service is maintained for the next couple of weeks.

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Eye Operation

Just a few more hours before my scheduled eyelid (ptosis) operation to hopefully reduce the asymmetry of my two eyes due to hyperthyroid 4 years ago (has it been that long?) Minor operation, no doubt, but still scary. It’s going to be local anaesthetic, which means I’m going to be wide awake the whole 1-2 hours; the reason for this is that I will be required to look up and down to ensure a good correction. Hope things work out ok, maybe I’ll post some before and after photos here… Wish me luck!

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