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I guess it’s not hard to figure out that my ‘blogger’ status is more of a semi-hobby than a passion :p The truth is ever since I graduated from university in Singapore the desire to pen my feelings doesn’t come as naturally anymore. Even though I set up this pretty nice-looking (I hope!) blog, frankly I’m more interested in the design and implementation (Drupal) of it rather than the actual content. I could spend hours tweaking this functionality and adding this plugin and that but frankly the actual usage doesn’t justify the effort taken to implement. ^^

Nevertheless, I think the start of my Masters course in Sydney should warrant at least a couple of posts so here I am, more than a month since I reached here. To be fair to myself, I didn’t actually get internet connection till the end of last month (thanks Telstra, geez)..

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Transformers, more than meets the eye

OMG, this film is the win. I was hoping for a decent movie but it turned out to be the most enjoyable movie I’ve watched in months! *___* LOVE LOVE

Oh before the show started there was a preview of the new Harry Potter movie. Too bad I’m not going to be in Singapore when it’s released :-( Looks like I’ll have to watch it my own in Sydney (maybe my little cousin will watch it too?).

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Sick >_<

Great, falling sick just before a long ‘trip’ to a cold environment is the smartest thing to do. T____T Just hope I can recover quickly so I don’t have to be sniffing on the plane and inconveniencing everyone else.

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Why, Creative, why?

Why, Creative, did you not release this earlier? If you had released this instead of the Zen Stone, or had at least advertised this product in advance, I would have definitely bought this instead of the Sansa Express! Too bad you just lost a customer because of poor marketing.

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2nd last day at work

Today was my second last day at work. It was so sweet of my colleagues to organise a lunch (company-side) and party (client-side) for me. I have really enjoyed working with all of them and hope to keep in touch. If any of you are reading this, feel free to comment and leave your contacts here too!

Subjects: Work 仕事

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