Mp3tag Export script for organising music in UMS/MSC players

After I bought my new Samsung Yp-U3 (MSC mode) player, I discovered that the latest firmware (1.12WA) has limitations with regards to reading files from file directory folders: it is able to play files in folders in repeat mode or in shuffle mode, but it is unable to play only files within the folder sequentially once. For example, if I have two folders each containing ten mp3s. If I were to select the fifth mp3 of the first folder in the default play mode, the mp3 player will play all the remaining mp3s from both folders sequentially until there are no more files left and the player then automatically shuts down. There is no way that the player will only play songs from one folder, unless it is the last folder in the list. This is a big problem for me because I often listen to music when I’m about to sleep and it’s obviously not a good thing if the music player keeps playing nonstop.

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One week to go before home for the winter vacation!!

Just one more week left for Singapore. Having Singaporean food cravings already. Really sick of eating the stuff at Norton Street and Newtown :-( I would much rather eat my own cooking if not for the fact that the kitchen is 2 floors below :P

Just finished my accounting paper for the day, was manageable but didn’t go fantastically because of the time constraints. I hope I can get at least a distinction (let’s not go to HD). Next week is the killer M&A and financial modelling exams. I’m not too worried about the latter though cos I’ve already passed the exam from the mid term and project results.^^ Was really happy about the project grades for modelling (38/40!!). That was the hardest project I’ve had to handle so far in Sydney Uni and the effort paid off. While I hated the project when I was doing it, I’m glad for doing it at the same time too because of the exposure it has given me to Monte Carlo simulation, exotic options, portfolio optimisation, company valuation etc. In regular finance class we just learn two asset portfolio optimisation which uses simplified mathematical formulas. In spreadsheet modelling I actually get to see how multi asset portfolios are obtained through inverse matrix operations. Really cool. The Benninga textbook has really been useful and when I finally graduate I’ll try to make the effort to learn more of the stuff in detail.

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R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke

One of my favourite authors of all time, Arthur C. Clarke, passed away yesterday at the age of 90.

Besides being an extraordinary writer of science fiction novels, he also conceptualised the invention of modern geosynchronous communication satellites. Some of his books that had the greatest impact on me were “The Fountains of Paradise” and “Childhood’s End”. They were mind-blowing sources of inspiration to me during my undergraduate days. The world feels somewhat a lonelier place without him. He will be sorely missed.

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Invasion of the moths

Was in Pitt’s Street (Sydney CBD) last weekend. Guess what, there were literally millions of moths in the sky. It was absolutely horrifying. Moths are such disgusting insects. One or two are still all right, but swarms?!? Australia is a very interesting place, swarms of flies and moths.

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More XEDO ammunition

My friend Ketsugi has just blogged a new post that should add fuel to the “have you been ‘DEXed” saga. Check it out here. Anti-you-know-what will love this.

P.S. I really did like Love Hina a lot, still remember the evening Ketsugi and our group of friends had the Love Hina marathon (FWIW, it’s ODEX discs) at my place, didn’t sleep till we concussed from exhaustion. :)
Oh yeah, Ketsugi, you owe me marketing fees!

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