Page Delves into Led Zeppelin's Rich Past, Guitar World Online, 1997

Taken from Guitar World Online

In this historic multi-part interview, Jimmy Page delves into Led Zeppelin’s rich past-album by album.

By Brad Tolinski with Greg DiBenedetto

Okay, I’m ready,” says Jimmy Page, clapping his hands together with a loud smack. “What are we going to talk about this time? Zeppelin? Again? Oh, gawd, didn’t we already do this?” he whines, rolling his black eyes skyward. “I’m getting a severe case of déjà vu. Well, all right. Get out your surgeon’s masks and thumb screws. I’m ready for dissection.”

In the past, a little of Pagey’s sarcasm would have sent the most hardened music journalist scurrying over the hills and far away. But it is clear from his mock outrage that the god of guitar thunder is not really throwing lightning bolts-he is merely teasing. Despite his protest, one gets the feeling that there is nothing in the world that he would rather discuss than his groundbreaking work with rock’s most mythic outfit, Led Zeppelin.

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