First blog post on this site using the Asus EEEPC 900HA

Blogging from my latest toy, the Asus EEE PC 900HA. Finally got my hands on it after half a week of painful waiting. But it’s all worth it cos I managed to get it in time for my birthday :)

Had a great birthday dinner today. Thanks to all the friends who came and celebrated with me.

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Lehman Minibonds

Over the past week I’ve been sort of semi-obsessed with following up on news on the whole financial mess thats going around the world (who isn’t?). One topic very close to home would be the Lehman Minibombs (sic) that’s gotten lots of Singaporeans into trouble.

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Arrival of first book from The Book Depository!

About nearly two weeks ago, after having found out about The Book Depository’s free worldwide shipping and handling, I immediately placed an order for Jay Rubin’s* Making Sense of Japanese (ISBN-13 9784770028020) book that I so really wanted, yet would cost so much if ordered from Amazon. I paid only £5.98 in total!! Such a steal ^_^. Anyway the book arrived and I must say I’m not disappointed at all. (Actually I already read quite a number of pages from this book via Amazon before getting the book so there’s no way I would have been disappointed)

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Choosing between ambition and ?

What is the opposite of ambition? Resignation, weakness, happiness, contentment, or…? It’s always at this sort of juncture of choosing between a career and living for the moment that you wonder what’s truly important. Some people say that the two are not mutually exclusive: those are the lucky ones. Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that I’m neither rich nor poor, and I’m not too materialistic, yet I do have certain wants. There’s no major incentive to strive to the top, yet there’s always the nagging feeling that I could perhaps achieve better, and the fear of underperforming is always there. Being alone by myself right now makes it even more agonising. I’ve been brought up to be able to think for myself and make my own decisions, yet to me, having support for my decisions is important. I just hope graduation will make this uneasiness go away. Only three months more to go!

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Dr Who season 4 finale and David Tennant

It is approximately one more day before I’ll be able to watch the Doctor Who S4 finale. I promise not to spoil myself before I get to watch the episode. It is so tempting to do so because I really really really want to know if David Tennant is going to stay. He mustn’t leave. When I first watched Doctor Who (2005) last year, I got used to Christopher Eccleston’s (a.k.a the Invisible Man Claude in Heroes) and was surprised to find out that he regenerated into Tennant in the 1st season’s finale. I love Eccleston’s portrayal but perhaps one season wasn’t enough to keep me hooked enough.Then came Tennant and he really brought the game up. While the 9th Doctor was a cynical and streetwise (?) one, Tennant’s version is childlike, curious, empathetic, suave, all combined together. Tennant cannot go now! This time I really hope it’s one of Russell Davies’ tricks to megaboost the ratings for the series and we’ll still have Tennant for season 5.T____________T

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