TV shows to watch (am already watching) this year

Since I’m terribly free and am on a list-making impetus, here’s my list of TV shows to catch up on:

1. Remaining four Doctor Who specials for the year: Goodbye David Tennant *sobs*. I hope the newcomer Matt Smith will be competent; I am also curious to know how Steven Moffat intends to lead the 1st Doctor Who of the forthcoming decade.

2. Torchwood season 3 miniseries:I swear the Doctor Who creative team is out to torture us this year. Only five episodes of John Barrowman arrrgh…..

3. Battlestar Galactica (or what’s remaining of it): We have only 2 more episodes to go before the end???

4. Smallville: No Lex, rumoured killing off of two main characters, what else? But since I’ve been watching this series for the last 7 seasons, why not finish the 8th (which has seen much improvement over season 7)?

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Gadget want list

The economy is in a tailspin and there is a slump in demand for discretionary goods, but you can’t stop even a poor (jobless) geek girl from making up her gadget wish list can you?

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Corporate valuation assignment

Here’s a group report on the valuation of an Australian company. It had a page limit of 10 and we scored surprisingly well, 90%.

See attached file for full report.

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Fixed income assignment

This is a group project assignment in my Masters course for fixed income in which we attained pretty good marks: 28/30. Putting it up here for reference. The topic is as follows:

On 1 January 2005, you are considering two investment opportunities. A six month risk-free bond with 4% p.a. coupon is priced at 98.45. It has a $1,000 par value and will mature on 30 June. Alternatively, you could invest in a one-day risk-free short-term note for which the return for the six-month period (1 January 2005 to 30 June 2005) is currently unknown. You are provided with the historical yields of the note. Using only the information provided, would you purchase the bond or the note? Write a report giving your recommendation.

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Upgraded to Drupal 6.9

After 3 day’s of effort, I’ve finally managed to upgrade the site to Drupal 6.9. Much of the time was spent trying to re-theme the site, which turned out to be a painful process. There’s some stuff I’ve yet to figure out so one might notice a couple of quirks in the text formatting for example, but for the most part it seems ok…

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