Rockin' good 60s music that make me feel good

Felt in the music mood today so am re-living some of my favourite live 60s songs (not that I was born in the 60s though).

Woodstock (Live version) by Joni Mitchell
One of my all time favourite songs.

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Actions to take

After yesterday’s depressing post (was feeling morose I guess) I’ve decided that I shall take definitive actions to make my life feel better.

1. Restart on my exercise regime. I used to do yoga/pilates really actively but I’ve stopped for a while. I guess exercise really helps to release endomorphins. I spent 1 hour today doing Ashtanga yoga, and I feel a lot better now.

2. Get out more and hang out with friends.

3. Start spending money on things that make me happy. I reckon spending money will help the economy as well as make me feel better about myself.

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Introversion, feelings of regression in Singapore

There’s something about being back in Singapore that’s brought out the worst case of shyness and introversion in me.

I’m naturally introverted and there’s nothing wrong with that. But lately, the hesitation to speak up about how I really feel about things is debilitating and it really sucks.

The funny part of it all is that I felt I was a completely different person in my months overseas. I think being in Australia and Japan nurtured extraversion in me. And as a friend pointed out, it’s perhaps because no one knew me in Oz that I could let out the inhibitions within myself.

Coming back to Singapore it’s like I’m feeling the effects of culture shock, which is strange because I grew up here thus I ought to know better. However, I googled, and apparently there’s such a thing called reverse culture shock where the subject who’s been overseas for a period of time finds it hard to re-adapt to her country of origins.

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Sixth Sense Technology

This is so, so cool:

The original link can be found here.

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