Astrology revisited

So every once in a blue moon I look at horoscopes.

I discover this rather nifty tool by Astrodienst called the AstroClick portrait. It helps you determine a number of things besides your moon sign (which I’ve already covered in a post in this blog I made 5 years ago). such as your ascendent, etc. Wow I think the in-depth descriptions of me are really quite accurate. I don’t believe in horoscopes on a day to day basis but as an overall representation of a person’s character some of it really does make sense.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Sagittarius

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What a shocking way to start the day -- RIP MJ and FF

Two icons dead in a day (three if you consider the week). This is a sad year.

RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon.

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Rolling Stone bounty

And so, Rolling Stone fever hit Singapore today.

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Craig Ferguson takes a piss out of Peter Travers on Huge Douchebag Day

Teeehee, I love Craig Ferguson, especially during “huge douchebag day”. And when you have Peter Travers, Rolling Stone with references to the Rolling Stone cover and karaoke singing, I simply have to post this :P :

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Sleep disruption in extremis

WTF is wrong with my sleeping patterns?

Sleep at 3AM, wake up at 7;
sleep at 12 wake up at 4.

And when I try to sleep all over again, it becomes a staring exercise between me and my darkened ceilings.

Since when did my body start to tell myself four hours is all you need for sleep? My BFF, the abiity to sleep like a log, seems to have left me high and dry ever since I returned to the sunny isle of Singapore (actually make that Hell-level hot).

This is seriously depressing.

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